Map Sizes and Dimensions

The exact dimensions are given for every map to make it as easy as possible to order the right size map!

Notes about provided dimensions:

Visualizing the Size Options

Every map's order page includes an image "size guide" showing the different sizes relative to a group adult humans. Here are two example "size guide" images:

Landscape (Horizontal) Orientation:
a landscape visual guide comparing the map sizes to the size of people

Portrait (Vertical) Orientation:
a landscape visual guide comparing the map sizes to the size of people

For reference, the men in the Size Guides are between 5' 10" and 6' 1" and the women are between 5' 4" and 5' 7".

Details of the Map Sizes

From smallest to biggest, the size options are:

     Small - roughly 2 square feet
     Medium - roughly 5 square feet
     Large (standard) - roughly 10 square feet
     Huge - ranging from 17 to 22 square feet
     Mural - ranging from 30 to 40 square feet

The "small" option is not available for all maps, because the resulting text could be too small. However, maps that do offer the "small" option either use minimal text in the design, or use larger text to make the map readable.

Most Important Tip to Choosing a Map Size

Most important tip: Measure, Measure, Measure!

No amount of eyeballing and guesswork can replace a simple tape measure. We strongly recommend that before your order any map, you measure the location you intend to display the map, to make sure it will fit.

Helpful tip: outline the dimensions of the future map by lightly applying masking tape on your wall to represent the map size. This will let you back away and look from a distance to visualize how much area the map will take up on the wall.

Other Tips to Choosing Your Map Size

Consider the viewing distance and room size:

Consider the use of the map:

Lastly, if you struggle with reading fine print, you should order a Large (standard) sized map or larger.

Need Further Help with Map Sizes?

We're here to answer any question or give any advice, so feel free to contact us with your question.