World Map Collection

Antique Map of the World
Display a world map for reference, decoration, and charm.

Displaying a map of the world in your home or office brings an instant aura of charm and provides you and your family with a useful reference of world geography.

Our world map collection includes many interesting, stylish, and useful world maps.

Here, you'll find any style of map of the world (political, antique, satellite image, or even a contemporary modern style) to fulfill any mapping need.

Selection of World Wall Maps

Cool Color Political Map of the World
World Cool Color Map

Starting at $29
Topographic Map of the World
World Topographic Map

Starting at $29
Satellite Image Map of the World
World Satellite Map

Starting at $29

Upside Down World Maps

Posters of Earth in Space

Blue Marble Poster of Planet Earth
Blue Marble Poster

Starting at $19

Benefits of Displaying a World Map


Framed World Map as Wall Decoration
A map of the world makes an instant decorative focal point.

Displaying an artistic world map in your home or office will instantly add sophistication and elegance to the space.

We offer framing and personalization of all world maps too - adding even more charm to your decor. Just imagine a beautiful framed map of the world in your living room with a personalized title like: "The Anderson Family Travels"...or "Jenny's World".

Reference and Learning

Of course, displaying a map of the world on your wall will also come in extremely handy when you need to locate places for travel or to stay current with world event.

You'll also find yourself constantly improving in your knowledge of geography. Within no time you'll be a master geography buff - quickly locating places like Kyrgyzstan and instantly knowing their capital cities (Bishkek, in this case).

Exploration and Fun

Mother and Child Exploring a Map of the World
Families and children will enjoy exploring a map of the world.

Very few pieces of art provide as much interaction as a map of the world. You and your families can spend hours planning your next world travels or keeping a record of the countries and cities you've visited.

Kids especially will enjoy exploring the map and finding new and interesting places - displaying a map such an easy way to help children to be more knowledgeable about the world!