World Topographical Physical Wall Map

Colorful and stylish, this map captures the world's physical terrain with colorful topography and loads of information and features.


  • Elevation Colored Topography
  • 3-D Shading of Terrain (shaded relief)
  • Hundreds of Physical Labels
  • Land Features - Mountain Ranges, Plateaus, Deserts, etc.
  • Water Features - Rivers, Lakes, Seas, Bays, etc.
  • Islands, Archipelagos, Coral Reefs
  • Summits, with elevation
  • Bathymetry (Ocean Floor Details and Labels)
  • Countries & Capital Cities
  • Hundreds of Cities and Towns
  • Lines of Longitude and Latitude
  • International Date Line
  • Map Legend

This map is designed primarily as a physical map, though political information is also included.

Product Information

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WORLD600 - World Topographic Map
Map Type:
Wall Map (not folded)
A topographic physical world wall map. Map uses 3D shading and bold colors which correspond to elevation - creating a colorful map that highlights the physical features of the world. Framing available.
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Elevation Colored Topography

World Topographic Map Detail

The image of the map is a topographical image, which means that different elevation is represented by different colors. A scale is provided in the legend, which indicates the elevation ranges of different colors.

Additionally, the map uses intense 3-D shading of terrain such as mountains, plateaus, valleys, etc.

The combination of the topography with the 3-D shaded relief is a very vibrant image that clearly shows the world's many landforms and physical features.

Furthermore, all elevation colors and 3D shading is accomplished digitally with actual elevation data sets of the world. This means that the result is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it is completely accurate according to the actual terrain.

Many Details Included

World Topographic Map as Home Decor

While the image of the terrain will definitely capture attention, the map is also loaded with information and details.

Being a physical map by nature, emphasis has been placed on physical features like mountains, rivers, peaks, and other formations.

However, the topographical world map also shows a lot of political information too, such as country borders and names, capital cities, and many smaller cities and towns.

Combining the beauty and uniqueness of the map with the high level of cartographic detail makes this world topographic map an artistic, beautiful, and useful reference map fit to be displayed in your home or office.


Large - 47.1 in. x 29.0 in. (standard)
Medium - 32.8 in. x 20.2 in.
Huge - 71.7 in. x 44.2 in.
Mural - 96.7 in. x 59.5 in.

Frame Options

Map Frame Styles: Canadian Walnut, Black Wood, Birch, Old World Silver, and Brushed Aluminum

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