Map Printing

All printing is done by our partner, Mapping Specialists, located in the Madison, WI area. This printing facility has state-of-the-art printing capabilities, especially when it comes to large format digital printing.


Your map will be specifically printed when it is ordered. This fulfillment method is known as "print on demand" in the printing industry.

Print-on-demand allows us greatter flexibility to offer many different options for your map. For example, all maps can be ordered in a wide range of map sizes and different visual map styles.

Printing all maps on demand also allows us to offer map personalization services, allowing you to create a customized map for your family or business.

Printing Specifications

We can print up to 60 inches wide, in full color, and with industry leading printing resolution.

Map Production Time

The total time to produce your map depends on what finishing options you select for your map.

We offer extremely fast turn-around times to produce your maps, especially on paper maps or maps finished with lamination and/or hang rails.

Here is a table showing the exact time required to print and finish your map:

Finishing Option Production Time
Paper 1 business day
Laminated 1 business day
Laminated w/ Hang Rail 1 business day
Mounted on Rigid Backing About 1 Week
Framed and Mounted 1-2 Weeks

Note: shipping time is not included in these times above. For shipping speed options and delivery times, please refer to our Map Shipping page.

Bulk Map Printing

If you are interested in printing a large quantity (more than 25 samples), we can offer significant savings by printing the maps in a bulk-printing run.

Learn more about bulk map printing.

More Info on Map Printing

For additional questions about our printing capabilities or production times, please contact us. We'll be very happy to answer any questions you might have!