Custom Map Design

A core aspect of our business is designing custom maps for clients. We have worked with clients of all sizes: from individuals and small businesses to major corporations.

We'll design custom maps in any map style, any coverage area, any scale, with any content.

How to Order a Custom Map

Given the huge range of custom map requests that we receive, we cannot simply provide a one-size-fits-all price and ordering procedure for custom maps.

Instead, we encourage you to contact us and describe the custom map you have in mind. We will work with you to provide feedback and promptly provide a quote for the project, and a time-frame to complete the project.

Custom Map vs Personalized Map

A Custom Map is a map that you commission us to design from scratch. The possibilities are endless.

A Personalized (or Customized) Map is a standard map to which a personalized map title is added. Any of our maps can be personalized, and you will have the option to add a personalized map title during the order process. Here are some examples of Personalized Maps page.

Types of Custom Maps

Really, we can design any custom map you'd like, but here are some specific types of custom maps that are commonly asked for:

A Custom Company Map

A company map could show the headquarters of your business, branch offices, distribution centers, outlet or store locations, or anything else you'd want to show.

An official company map is a great way to illustrate the footprint of your company - showing at a glance the locations of your company.

A company map can also be extremely useful for employees and clients, as the map can include contact information, names of staff, or other useful information. It's also helpful for planning business related travel to and from your various facilities.

We can also show different distribution regions and centers, sales regions, or anything else to help various aspects of your business function smoothly.

Custom Personal or Family Maps

A personalized family map could show the locations of the members of your family. A family map is a great way to not only keep track of family members and celebrate your family. Family maps also make great gifts.

Custom Vacation Maps

A vacation map can show the destinations of a vacation or many vacations. It can include dates of travel, specific sites seen, and even photos of your trip.

Custom Countries Travelled Map

We can design a map that specificaly colors all of the countries you or your familly have travelled. We can even add dates of travel. This makes a great way to keep track of and display the countries you've visited, and makes a wonderful gift idea.

Large Qty Custom Map Order

Many of our custom maps are intended to be ordered in large quantities. The good news, is large quantities (more than 25 pieces) can be printed in bulk which is much more economical than printing maps one at a time.

Learn more about bulk map printing.

When you contact us about your custom map design project, make sure to mention the quantity of maps you'd like printed, so we can accurately quote your project.

Our Custom Map Guarantee

When you commission us to design a custom map for you, we want you to be a part of the design process and we'll often request your feedback and input.

Throughout the design phase, you will receive sample designs and images to make sure the map is coming together as you imagine.

Before any custom map goes to print, you will have an opportunity to review the complete design.

It is our goal to not only meet your expectations, but exceed them.

Custom Map Design Questions

If you have any questions about our custom mapping services, please contact us...we're here to help!