Map Pricing

Our prices are consistent store-wide, regardless of the specific map design. The following table lists our map prices based on size and finishing options:

Map Size Paper Laminated Hang Rail Mounted Framed
Small $19 $25 $29 $49 $79
Medium $29 $39 $49 $89 $149
Large (std.) $49 $69 $79 $149 $249
Huge $99 $129 $159 $649 $849
Mural $199 $249 $279 N/A N/A

*Small size may not be available for all designs, depending on text within the map design.

Bulk Orders

Maps can be ordered in bulk (large quantity) for significant a discount.

See options for bulk map printing.

Personalized Map Prices

In addition to the cost of the map, we can add a personalized map title to any map for a flat fee of $19.95.

Design a Custom Map Price

In addition to customizing our maps for you, we also will take on your custom mapping projects that require a complete design of a custom map.

Learn more about our Custom Map Design.

Due to the wide range of custom map work, we cannot give a standard price for custom map design. Instead, you should contact us with the a description of the custom map and we will be quick to provide you with feedback and a quote for your project.

Further Questions on Map Pricing

Please contact us with any further map pricing questions, or with any other questions.