Laminated Maps

All of our wall maps are available for lamination which makes a great way protect the map for many years. Laminated maps look amazing when on display in your home or office.

We ship all of our laminated maps to you rolled in a tube, so they will never be folded or come with any crease lines.

How to Order Laminated Maps

We offer five basic finishing options for all of our maps.

After you've found the specific map you'd like to order, simply select the "laminated" map option when adding the map(s) to your cart.

Laminated Maps Specifications

Our laminated maps are prepared with a state-of-the-art heat process laminator, capable of handling prints up to 60 inches in width and virtually unlimited length. This lamination fully encapsulates the paper inside the lamination. The layers of lamination will never peel.

Both sides of the paper will be laminated (Front and Back). This is especially helpful to protect the map during handling, compared to single side lamination only.

The thickness of the lamination is 3 mil on both sides (6 mil total). This makes for a very durable feel.

The finish of the lamination is a moderately glossy finish.

If you have specific requests of lamination (different thickness or matte finish instead of glossy), please contact us and we will be able to give you additional options.

For specs on the actual paper used inside the lamination, see our Paper Maps specifications.

Advantages of a Laminated Map

A laminated map has many advantages over an un-laminated paper map.

First and foremost, lamination protects the map from many potential types of damage:

Additionally, laminated maps can be safely drawn on with a dry erase marker.

Lastly, laminated maps just look better when on display. The glossy finish makes the map look sleek and professional. Also, the lamination helps to bring out the deep colors and beauty of the map design.

When to Uses a Laminated Map

Because laminated maps offer so many benefits over un-laminated paper map, we recommend laminated maps for almost every customer and almost every situation.

Specifically, we would strongly recommend a laminated map in the following situations:


Because classroom maps are bound to be touched frequently by kids whose hands may or may not be covered with anything you can possibly imagine, lamination is a must!

Laminated maps are also great teaching tools, because you can mark places with a dry erase marker and easily wipe them clean.

Also, since classrooms wall graphics are frequently being taken down and rearranged, the lamination will protect the map during handling.

When Used for Research

Basically, any time a map will often be taken out and set on a table, and then rolled back up and put away, lamination will help protect the map during the handling, and from any spills or "gunk" that might be on your table.

When Displayed in a Sunny Room

Lamination goes a long way to prevent fading, so if the map is going to be displayed in a bright or sunny room, and especially if the map will receive direct sunlight, we strongly recommend a laminated map.

When to Avoid Laminated Maps

If you intend to have your map mounted or framed by a local print or framing shop, then it is probably best to simply order a paper map, which could be easier for them to mount to a backing. The best thing would be to discuss the project with your local provider before ordering, as they may have additional recommendations.

Lamination may also not be required if the map is only going to be displayed temporarily in an environment such that it will not be touched or handled.

Laminated Map Sizes

Every map's order page will list the specific size options that are available for that particular map.

Generally, laminated maps can be up to 60 inches wide or tall and virtually unlimited in the other direction.

For more information on the sizing of laminated maps, please visit our Map Sizes and Dimensions page.

Laminated Map Prices

Just like the sizes, the prices of laminated maps are provided on every map's order page.

Additionally, you may view our Map Prices page for current pricing.

More Laminated Map Questions?

If you have any questions about map lamination or any other finishing options, please contact us and we'll be happy to help!