Paper Maps

Browse our wall map collection for all types of paper maps: world maps, state maps, antique maps, etc.

Paper maps are printed maps intended to be displayed in an office, home, or classroom.

Our paper maps are never folded. Instead, they ship to you rolled in a tube, so they will arrive without any crease lines - making them ideal to hang, mount, or frame.

Paper Map Finishing Option

All of our maps come in a range of finishing options, and the "paper" option is the simplest and least expensive.

To order a paper map, simply browse our map selection, and when you find the map design you want to buy, choose the "paper" option when adding the map to your cart.

Specifications of Our Paper Maps

The paper used for all printed map is 46lb Presentation Matte. This paper is durable, bright white, and coated with a non-reflective (matte) coating - perfect for displaying a map on a wall.

The thickness of this paper is 170 gsm (grams per square meter).

To better understand this paper thickness, see it compared with the thickness of familiar paper types below:

Standard office copy paper 75 gsm
Our paper maps 170 gsm
Standard 3x5 index card 200 gsm

Note: all other finishing options (laminated maps, mounted maps, and framed maps), are also originally printed on this 46lb Presentation Matte paper before the additional finishing options are applied.

Sizes of our Paper Maps

Our paper maps can be printed at widths of up to 60 inches wide with virtually unlimited length.

Please visit our Map Sizes and Dimensions page for more information on sizes of paper maps. The individual map order pages also list the specific sizes that are available for that particular map.

Prices of our Paper Maps

Paper maps are our most economical finishing option.

Please view our Map Prices page for current pricing. Each specific map order page will also list the prices of all options.

Recommended Uses of Paper Maps

Before buying a paper map, you should really consider how the map will be used and handled and strongly consider having your paper map laminated.

Though our paper maps come on heavy-duty durable paper, lamination will make the map much more durable and protect your map for years to come.

Consider that a laminated map, in comparison with a paper map, is:

The only situations we would recommend a paper map over a laminated map are:

We strongly recommend laminating your paper map if you intend to display your map for multiple years or if the map may need to be moved and/or handled after it is displayed.

Further Questions About Paper Maps

Please contact us if you have any further questions about our paper maps or any other finishing options. We'd love to hear from you!