Upside Down Antique Style World Map

An antique styled map with south-up orientation, providing a completely different perspective. Who says north is up, anyway?


  • Upside-Down (text is correct when south is up)
  • Old Fashioned Antique Map Styling
  • Countries & Capitals
  • Thousands of Cities and Towns
  • Water Features - Rivers, Lakes, Seas, Bays, etc.
  • Physical Features - Mountains, Plateaus, Deserts, etc.
  • Islands, Archipelagos, Reefs
  • Summits, with elevation
  • Major Highways, unlabelled
  • Longitude / Latitude Lines
  • 3-D Shading (shaded relief)
  • International Date Line
  • Map Legend

The primary use of this map is an attractive display map with the unusual upside-down orientation. However, the map is also loaded with useful geographic information.

Product Information

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WORLD200UD - World Upside Down Antique Map
Map Type:
Wall Map (not folded)
An upside-down world wall map produced in an antique map style. Map is current and includes lots of geographic information. Framing options are available.
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Antique Styling

Upside Down World Map Detail

The style of this map is produced like an old-fashioned or antique map. It uses many shades of brown and gray, and the colors of countries appear desaturated and faded. The oceans are a soft brown/tan and the paper will appear to be worn out (though the map is printed on new, high quality, and durable paper).

This antique style of the upside down world map provides an aura of sophistication and charm and makes a very aesthetic map for display. Business customers, especially, prefer the antique styling of the map as it appears very professional.

About Upside Down Maps

Upside Down World Map as Home Decor

An upside down map will give you and other viewers a chance to see the world from a completely different perspective.

Many of our perceptions of the world come from the standard (though arbitrary) north-up orientation. By flipping the orientation to south-up, it's as if you'll be viewing the world map for the first time. Shapes will seem strange, the layout unfamiliar, and even the proximity of areas may startle you.

An upside down map, especially world map, can teach us a lot about the importance of our point of view, and how our perspective shapes our perceptions of reality.


Large - 47.1 in. x 29.0 in. (standard)
Medium - 32.8 in. x 20.2 in.
Huge - 71.7 in. x 44.2 in.
Mural - 96.7 in. x 59.5 in.

Frame Options

Map Frame Styles: Canadian Walnut, Black Wood, Birch, Old World Silver, and Brushed Aluminum

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