Upside Down Political World Wall Map

Who says north is up? This upside-down political map turns convention on its head - helping to see the world with a new perspective.


  • Upside-Down (text is correct when south is up)
  • Colorful Political Style
  • Countries & Capitals
  • Thousands of Cities and Towns
  • Water Features - Rivers, Lakes, Seas, Bays, etc.
  • Land Features - Mountains, Plateaus, Deserts, etc.
  • Islands, Archipelagos, Reefs
  • Summits, with elevation
  • Major Highways, unlabelled
  • Longitude / Latitude Lines
  • 3-D Shading (shaded relief)
  • International Date Line
  • Map Legend

More than just an upside down novelty map, this world map uses state-of-the-art cartography and is accurate, current, and very useful.

Product Information

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WORLD100UD - World Upside Down Political Map
Map Type:
Wall Map (not folded)
An upside-down world wall map in a standard colorful political style. High detailed map with loads of information. Framing available.
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Political Style

Upside Down World Map Detail

This upside down map is a political style, which puts emphasis on man-made aspects of geography like countries, capitals, cities, and roads. Most standard maps you'll find are this political style map.

The map also displays physical information, however, such as mountain ranges, rivers, islands, deserts, and 3D shaded relief. The fact both types of information (physical and political) are shown makes this a good reference world map.

The design of the map uses soft and bright colors, which makes the map a very attractive display piece which will brighten the decor of any room or space.

Why Upside Down?

Upside Down World Map as Home Decor

If you've never seen an upside down map (or "reversed map"), you'll probably be a bit surprised to see the familiar shapes of the world geography shown in a completely different perspective. This is really the intent of an upside-down map.

We can learn a great deal from an upside down map about looking at things differently. The simple change of turning the map upside down, and all other aspects of the map completely unchanged, provides an opportunity to view the world's geography as if for the first time.

When seeing the map from a different perspective, you'll be amazed by how many aspects of the world's geography appear completely different. It's as if you'll be seeing the world map for the first time.


Large - 47.1 in. x 29.0 in. (standard)
Medium - 32.8 in. x 20.2 in.
Huge - 71.7 in. x 44.2 in.
Mural - 96.7 in. x 59.5 in.

Frame Options

Map Frame Styles: Canadian Walnut, Black Wood, Birch, Old World Silver, and Brushed Aluminum

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