Upside Down World Wall Map with Flags

An upside down world map with classic political styling and all national flags.


  • Upside-Down (text is correct when south is up)
  • Colorful Political Style
  • National Flags of all Countries
  • Country Names & Capital Cities
  • Thousands of Cities and Towns
  • Water Features - Rivers, Lakes, Seas, Bays, etc.
  • Land Features - Mountains, Plateaus, Deserts, etc.
  • Islands, Archipelagos, Reefs
  • Summits, with elevation
  • Major Highways, unlabelled
  • Longitude / Latitude Lines
  • 3-D Shading (shaded relief)
  • International Date Line
  • Map Legend

Though primarily an interesting upside-down world map, you'll also find this map to be loaded with features and a useful reference.

Product Information

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WORLD100UDFL - World Upside Down Map with Flags
Map Type:
Wall Map (not folded)
An upside-down world wall map in a standard colorful political style. Map has lots of details and information including flags of every nation.
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Colorful Political Style

Upside Down World Map Detail

This world map is produced in a colorful political style. The colors of countries are bright and pleasant, making the map an attractive piece to display.

Even though the overall style of the map is Political, Physical information such as natural features, mountains, rivers, and even 3D shading of terrain are also included in the map, making it a good all-around reference map.

The flags of all countries are shown too, which adds to the aura and information provided by the world map.

Value of Upside Down Maps

Upside Down World Map as Home Decor

Quite simply, an upside down map gives us the opportunity to see something familiar (like a world map) from a completely unfamiliar perspective. By simply flipping the orientation of the map (south-up, instead of north-up) it's as if we are looking at the map for the first time.

This can teach us a lot about the importance of perspective and how our point of view shapes our perception of reality.


Large - 44.9 in. x 30.5 in. (standard)
Medium - 31.5 in. x 21.4 in.
Huge - 68.3 in. x 46.4 in.
Mural - 88.2 in. x 60.0 in.

Frame Options

Map Frame Styles: Canadian Walnut, Black Wood, Birch, Old World Silver, and Brushed Aluminum

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