California Topographical Physical Wall Map

California's mountains and valleys come to life in this colorful topographic physical map with 3D shading.


  • California's terrain in topographical style
  • 3D appearance / shaded relief
  • Cities and towns of California (population > 25,000)
  • Sacramento identified with star
  • Map legend
  • Elevation scale
  • California lakes and wide portions of major rivers
  • State name "California" in stylish font
  • Bathymetry (3-D model of ocean floor) of neighboring Pacific Ocean
  • Sleek artistic style great for display!

Note: Minimal text labels are included in order to preserve the artistic style of California's terrain.

Product Information

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CA690 - California Topographic Map
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Wall Map (not folded)
An artistic wall map of California that uses bold color topography and 3D shaded relief to highlight the California terrain.
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California's Topography

California Map Detail

The lowest elevation points in California are below sea level, and shown in brown. Death Valley, at 86 meters (or 282 feet) below sea level is not only California's lowest point, but the lowest point in North America. Additionally, the Salton Sea and Imperial Valley in the southern tip of California are also below sea level.

Green represents low-lying land that is actually above sea level. The most prominent green areas in the California map are the massive Sacramento Valley and San Joaquin Valley.

Nearly all of California's major population centers are located in low-elevation regions: Los Angeles, San Diego, the San Francisco Bay area, and the capital, Sacramento.

As elevation increases, the land color is represented by yellows, oranges, and a rust-colored pink.

High lands are shown in blue and purple, with white reserved for the highest peaks of the Sierra Nevada mountain range.

Learn how this California topographic image was created with digital elevation data.

Physical Features of California

California's landscape is extremely diverse, containing the highest point in the contiguous United States (Mt. Whitney at 14,505 feet or 4421 meters) and the lowest point in North America (Death Valley), with nearly every type of landscape in between: deserts, mountains, forests, vast flat valleys, and a rugged coast.

Many of California's unique physical features can be clearly seen in this colorful physical map. Major physical features like the Sierra Nevada mountains, Coast Ranges mountains, Klamath Mountains, Cascade Range, Mojave Desert, Sonoran Desert, and Death Valley are all very easy to see in the map. Even smaller ranges like the San Gabriel Mountains, San Bernardino Mountains, Chocolate Mountains, Santa Rosa Mountains, Diablo Range, and many others are also visible in the map. Also shown are California's major lakes: Salton Sea, Lake Tahoe, Goose Lake, Mono Lake, Honey Lake, Clear Lake, and more. Specific mountain peaks are also visible, including Mt. Whitney, Mt. Shasta, Lassen Peak, San Jacinto Peak, and many others.

California's Cities and Towns

A total of 151 California cities and towns are labeled.

All major cities like Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco, Fresno, Santa Ana, San Bernardino, Chula Vista, Oxnard, Salinas, and Fairfield are shown.

Some of the medium and smaller towns on the map include Merced, Yuba City, San Rafael, San Luis Obispo, Hollister, Moreno Valley, Santa Clarita, Rancho Cucamonga, Elk Grove, Pomona, Escondido, Orange, East Los Angeles, Roseville, Victorville, Downey, Carlsbad, Burbank, Temecula, San Mateo, Mission Viejo, Hesperia, San Marcos, Livermore, Indio, Turlock, Davis, Lodi, National City, Rocklin, Delano, Watsonville, Poway, Lincoln, Coachella, Los Banos, Oildale, Goleta, as well as many others.

California Map for Décor

California Map as Home Decor

Famous for its beautiful and varied landscape, California really comes to life on this map. While the map provides useful information like towns and cities, it's real value is the visually stunning illustration of California's natural beauty. The colors of this map are just vibrant and stunning - probably more so than any California map you can buy. We're certain that this map will look spectacular on any room: whether in your home, workplace, or even classroom. It's also sure to entertain and inspire viewers with it's realistic 3-D appearance and artistic styling.


Large - 34.0 in. x 40.2 in. (standard)
Small - 15.2 in. x 18.0 in.
Medium - 23.9 in. x 28.4 in.
Huge - 48.0 in. x 56.8 in.
Mural - 60.0 in. x 71.1 in.

Frame Options

Map Frame Styles: Canadian Walnut, Black Wood, Birch, Old World Silver, and Brushed Aluminum

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