Idaho Physical Topographic Wall Map

A striking Idaho physical map that shows the Rocky Mountains and Snake River Valley with colorful 3D topography.


  • Idaho's mountainous terrain shown in colorful topography
  • 3D appearance / shaded relief
  • Idaho cities and towns (population > 2000)
  • Boise identified with star
  • Map legend
  • Elevation scale
  • Idaho lakes and wide portions of major rivers
  • State name "Idaho" in stylish font
  • Sleek artistic style great for display!

Note: To keep an uncluttered and artistic style of Idaho's landscape, minimal text labels are included.

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ID690 - Idaho Topographic Map
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Wall Map (not folded)
A stylish Idaho wall map that highlights physical terrain through vivid colored topography and three dimensional depth.
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Idaho's Topography

Idaho Map Detail

Lowest land in Idaho, namely the western edge of the Snake River Valley, the valleys carved out by the Clearwater River and Salmon River, and the lakes in the north top of Idaho are shown in various shades of Green. The Boise metro area, including Meridian and Nampa, are all located at this relatively low elevation.

Mid-level elevation levels, such as most of the massive Snake River Valley, and mountain foothills throughout Idaho are shown in yellows and oranges. Cities in southeast Idaho, including Idaho Falls, Pocatello, Twin Falls, and Rexburg, are all located in this mid-level range of elevation.

The highest elevation in Idaho is shown in blues and purples, with the highest Rocky Mountain peaks shown in white, to provide the familiar white-capped mountain appearance. Nestled amongst the white mountain peaks in central Idaho is Borrah Peak, the highest point in Idaho at 12,668 ft or 3861 meters.

Learn how this Idaho topographic image was created with digital elevation data.

Physical Features of Idaho

Tucked in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, Idaho is famous for it's many mountain ranges, peaks, rivers and river valleys, and mountain lakes, all of which can be clearly seen in this map. Specific mountain ranges within the Rockies include the Salmon River Range, Sawtooth Range, Clearwater Mountains, Bitterroot Range, Lost River Range, Lemhi Range, Centennial Mountains, Cabinet Mountains, and Owyhee Mountains among others. Mountain summits within those ranges, such as East Sister Peak, Monument Peak, Waugh Mountain, Mormon Mountain, Twin Peaks, Cape Horn Mountain, Cache Peak, and the aforementioned Borah Peak are all prominent in the map.

Idaho's many lakes and reservoirs are also shown in this physical topographic map. Priest Lake, Lake Pend Oreille, Couer d'Alene Lake, and Dworshak Reservoir (all in north Idaho) are shown. Additionally, other lakes throughout Idaho including Cascade Reservoir, American Falls Reservoir, Blackfoot Reservoir, Palisades Reservoir, Bear Lake, and Hebgen Lake are included.

Idaho Cities and Towns

57 Idaho cities and towns are labeled on the map.

Major cities like Boise, Idaho Falls, Pocatello, Caldwell, Coeur d'Alene, and Twin Falls are all shown.

Some of the labeled medium and smaller towns include Meridian, Kuna, Moscow, Jerome, Payette, Rupert, American Falls, Saint Anthony, Salmon, Saint Maries, Hayden, Star, Shelley, Kimberly, McCall, Montpelier, Kellogg, as well as many others.

A Stylish Idaho Map

Idaho Map as Home Decor

One of the first things that comes to mind of Idaho is it's natural beauty, and this topographical map brings out that physical beauty in a way no other map can. The mountain ranges appear majestic and rugged, as the streak across the landscape. The vast and flat Snake River Plain is such a contrast. The detail of the shaded mountains makes every ridge and jut in the landforms almost jump off the page, while the colors of the map are striking and informative of the various elevation changes throughout the state.

One of our favorite states to be shown in this Topographic Style, we're convinced that this Idaho map will look spectacular in any room: adding vibrant color and useful Idaho geographic information. This Idaho map is sure to leave onlookers transfixed by the Idaho natural beauty - certainly one of the most beautiful places in the world.


Large - 30.5 in. x 44.9 in. (standard)
Small - 13.6 in. x 20.0 in.
Medium - 21.4 in. x 31.5 in.
Huge - 46.4 in. x 68.3 in.
Mural - 60.0 in. x 88.2 in.

Frame Options

Map Frame Styles: Canadian Walnut, Black Wood, Birch, Old World Silver, and Brushed Aluminum

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