New York Topographical Features Wall Map

The New York physical features like the Adirondacks and Catskills absolutely come to life in this topographic map!


  • Topographic view of New York terrain
  • 3D appearance / shaded relief
  • New York's cities and towns (population > 10,000)
  • Albany identified with star
  • Map legend
  • Elevation scale
  • New York lakes and wide portions of major rivers
  • State name "New York" in stylish font
  • Bathymetry (3-D model of ocean floor) of neighboring Atlantic Ocean and Great Lakes
  • Sleek artistic style great for display!

Note: Minimal text labels are included in order to preserve the artistic style of New York's terrain.

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NY690 - New York Topographic Map
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Wall Map (not folded)
A topographic, elevation-colored wall map of New York highlighting physical features through bold colors and striking three dimensional shading.
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New York's Topography

New York Map Detail

New York's lowest elevation is colored green. This includes several regions of New York state: Long Island, the entire Hudson River Valley, the plains near Lake Ontario, the St. Lawrence River Valley, and most of the New York Canal System, including the Erie Canal. Many of New York's major cities are also located in these low-elevation areas: New York City, Rochester, Syracuse, Albany, and many others.

Slightly more elevated land is colored in warm colors - yellow, orange, and red. This mid-elevation land exists throughout much of the interior of New York. Buffalo, NY, although on the Lake Erie coast, is high enough in elevation to be included in this mid-range rather than the green lower areas.

Higher elevation is colored with blue and purple, with white being used for the highest peaks. New York has several distinct high-elevation mountainous regions: The Adirondack Mountains in northern New York, The Catskill Mountains in the south east, The Taconic Range west of the Hudson along the Connecticut and Massachusetts borders, and the Allegheny Plateau in the southern part of western New York along the Pennsylvania border.

New York's highest point is Mount Marcy in the northern Adirondack Mountains. The elevation of Mt. Marcy is 5,343 ft or 1629 meters.

Learn how this New York topographic image was created with digital elevation data.

Physical Features of New York

All of New York's major mountain groups and landforms are clearly visible: Adirondack Mountains, Catskill Mountains, Taconic Range, and Allegheny Plateau.

The river valleys are also very apparent, especially the Hudson River that flows south along New York's eastern edge, and the Mohawk River (part of the canal system) that flows west to east and almost cuts the New York high central region in two.

The plains along the Great Lakes are also visible.

This physical map also includes New York's many lakes. Lake Champlain, Oneida Lake, Great Sacandaga Lake, Lake George, and the Fingers Lakes are most of the biggest ones, but many other small lakes are shown, especially the small lakes that are dotted throughout the Adirondack Mountains.

New York's Cities and Towns

A total of 75 New York cities and towns are labeled.

Major cities like New York City, Albany, Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Schenectady, and New Rochelle are all shown.

Some of the labeled medium and smaller towns include White Plains, New City, Elmira, Queensbury, Plattsburgh, Oswego, Canandaigua, Hempstead, Niagara Falls, Freeport, Brighton, Huntington Station, Spring Valley, Middletown, Ossining, Rotterdam, Cohoes, Johnson City, Oneonta, Geneva, Oneida, Massena, and many others.

New York Map for Décor

New York Map as Home Decor

To be perfectly honest, we think this New York topographical physical map is probably the most beautiful New York map there is. The bold colors and stylish design ensure the map will look great when on display on any wall.

Not only does the map contain useful and accurate geographic information, it offers a chance to bring the natural beauty of New York into your office, home, or classroom. Much more than a reference map, this map is a work of art.


Large - 42.7 in. x 32.0 in. (standard)
Small - 19.2 in. x 14.4 in.
Medium - 30.2 in. x 22.7 in.
Huge - 64.0 in. x 48.0 in.
Mural - 80.0 in. x 60.0 in.

Frame Options

Map Frame Styles: Canadian Walnut, Black Wood, Birch, Old World Silver, and Brushed Aluminum

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